Episode 12 – A metric ton of news and patch notes

All of the patch notes detail what changes are happening on the Test Server and we really hope that some of them go live before the double XP weekend. Probably unrealistic, but there is some cool stuff going on in there! Of course, there is no guarantee that the stuff being tested will ever make it to the live game.

  • Changes to powers for various archetypes (lots for Forcefield Controllers, but some for tankers, blasters, and Kheldians)
  • Information on “XP curve adjustments” to help with those tough levels
  • The “combat attribute window” and “attribute monitor”
  • The CoH Planner
  • Changes to base storage tracking
  • Some small changes to the User Interface
  • Don’t forget – Double XP happens this weekend Starting Friday, February 8, 2008 at 8:59am PST / 11:59am EST and ending Sunday, February 10, 2008 at 8:59pm PST / 11:59pm EST
  • Listener Feedback
  • New Promo: Playing For Keeps

5 replies on “Episode 12 – A metric ton of news and patch notes”

Hey Guys,

Found the podcast about 4 weeks ago and I love it. Hope you guys keep it up. I was wondering, some of us don’t know which classes have what as the best build. For example I wanted to create a healer, but I wanted a good one. I have created a Rad/Rad healer. But if I want to make a controller I have no idea where to begin. On your nest podcast could you discuss this quandry I am in.

My first hero was a Super Strength. Invulnerable Tanker. I didnt know this class stunk until about level 23. This is the type of thing I would like to avoid in the future.

Thank you,
Dryden of the Taur’i

During the Podcast, you mentioned a difficulty finding Kheldian enemies when you’re playing your Peacebringers/Warshades. To avoid this problem, use this Macro (or create a Bind of it):

/macro find “target_custom_next enemy alive quantum$$target_custom_next enemy alive void$$target_custom_next enemy alive cyst”

It will automatically target any Void, Quantum, or Cyst in view … so they won’t be able to hide in the middle of a crowd.

Just remembered … I think you also mentioned being surprised at the low value of the defense buff from Maneuvers. A few things I always consider about the Leadership powers:

– Not only do they stack, but they affect everyone in your party. If you normally solo or play with one other, that’s not a big deal. But if you often play on teams of 6-8, you get a huge bang for your buck with the leadership toggles. Each Hero (or Villain) individually may only get a few points, but the team’s benefit is that many points times the number of players (or buffable pets).

– A corollary to the above for support characters is that it can be a buff for the Heroes (or Villains) on the front lines. For example, a Defender shouldn’t be the one taking (or giving) the most damage … so you wouldn’t normally need the Defense, Accuracy, or Damage boost as much as someone else on the team. If you pick a self-focused power, you’ll only be giving yourself a benefit. With Leadership, you give a benefit to the Tank, Blaster, etc. who is the primary meat shield or damage dealer.

– Defense (like Damage Resistance) is one of those powers that gets more valuable the more you have. Since an even-con minion has a 50% chance to hit, the first 5% Defense only reduces damage by about 10%. But if you’ve already got 30% Defense (or To Hit Debuff) from other sources, that same 5% Defense reduces damage by 25%. So if you have good (but not yet as good as you’d like) Defense in the team, Maneuvers may be really valuable. It could actually cut the damage the party receives in half, if you’ve already lowered the enemy’s chance to hit to close to the floor (5%) but it’s not quite there yet. Of course, if you’ve already lowered their chance to hit so much that they can’t effectively damage the party, then extra Defense is essentially useless 🙁

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