Episode 13 – Builds and Slotting

Love is in the air!

This is an exciting week, Heroes! Lots going on, so this episode is our longest. Buckle up and enjoy!

Then, because we don’t know when enough is enough, we allow ourselves to have a feature discussion after being inspired by questions from a listener. We discuss powers and enhancement slotting as we prefer them.

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Next episode: Scheduled to be a News episode. If there is no news we will discuss the defender/healer roles as requested by a listener!

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I enjoy the podcast and I like hearing some of the news. However I will say when it comes to defenders focusing on heals is really only seeing the tip of the iceberg. Even with empaths the buffs are far more useful and powerful then the heals. Perhaps just my experience, but something I felt I needed to offer up. You might want to check out some of the Repeat Offender coalition to see some of the ways defenders/controllers can real change the game.

Anyways, thanks for doing these.

Hey guys! Love, love, love this episode. I have to agree with Zapping as my main toon is a storm/dark defender (just hit 50 after waaay too long woot) and with those sets there is one ally heal and one self heal and the only one I have is the self heal. I think unfortunately a lot of melee types see defenders and controllers as just a healer which is probably why I get so few teams after I tell people I don’t have heals.

Thanks for the show folks. Nice job on the build discussion … you provide a very good overview of a very large and complex topic. I did want to mention a few thoughts on some of what you said:

– For the rule to only 3-slot a particular type of enhancement, that only applies to SOs. Other Origin enhancements may take more or less, depending on how strong they are compared to an SO. Since a DO is about half a strong as an SO, you can actually get full benefit from slotting as many as 5 DOs. With TOs, you could six-slot a single type of enhancement and still get full benefit. With IOs and specials, it’s harder (since their value isn’t an easy thing to assess).

– For Endurance Reduction, I wanted to stress that a lot of folks focus on putting the Endurance Reduction slots into their toggles, even though their attacks almost always use the most endurance. It gets into some number crunching, but you can see it in a lot of the Planners. If you look at the Endurance per second for a toggle and compare that to the Endurance per Activation of a click power (and factor in how often you use the click power … essentially how fast it recharges, if you use it a lot), you’ll generally see that your Clicks use FAR more endurance than your toggles.

– For slotting Accuracy, you only need to 3-slot (with SOs) if you’re regularly fighting high level enemies. For beginner players that are still working with the basic Rep (and are thus fighting even-con enemies), 1 Acc will max your to-hit (unless they have Defense powers or debuff your accuracy). For fighting +1 enemies, you’ll want 2 SOs. You only need 3 SOs when you are routinely fighting +3 enemies. You can also factor in how often you work with folks that can buff you (or debuff the enemy defense). If you often have someone with Fortitude or a Rad, you can probably get by with even less Accuracy SOs.

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