Episode 11 – Mobs and the con system

This week we talk about the “conning” system and what all of those colors mean.

  • Trouble downloading?
  • Double XP weekend dates announced
  • A couple news bits
  • Mobs and the conning system
  • Giant Monster spawn rates
  • How the whole “giant monster” damage thing works (level scaling)
  • Rikti Spawns
  • Dwimble’s Guide to mission difficulty settings
  • Voicemails
  • Promo: Geek Survival Guide

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Heya guys! Yippee I got on one of my favorite podcasts! I wanted to help you guys by saying I download all my podcasts from itunes and only got the first 15 min of this one. I then came here and downloaded the whole think just fine!

The show previous to this one was truncated. Also the term Con/Consider originates from the days of Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs). Consider was a command that would give some information about the abilities of the mob, perhaps level, hit points, and mana, it varied by MUD. And of course the abbreviated command was con and thus the term in MMOs.

Regarding spawning Jack and Eochai in Croatoa, there was a Redname post (which I can’t find now) from a while back that confirmed emphatically that no CoH GMs are triggerable. What has been seen in Croatoa with clearing the northern section is that the presence of mobs from a previous spawn can keep the next spawn from happening … so clearing the old mobs can allow a spawn to happen. But it does not trigger the next spawn … if the next spawn isn’t already waiting to happen, clearing the mobs will not cause Jack and Eochai to spawn.

A helpful thing to do to know the level of a mob in relation to you is the triangles above and below their name. For example, two triangles above their name means two levels above yours. One triangle below their name means one level below yours.


P.S. “y’all” ^_^

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