Episode 48 – i15 Launch and i16 Details

Happy July (shhhh – its still technically July!) Lots of exciting things have been happening in CoHLand and we’re happy to bring you an episode chock full of newsy goodness!

In this episode we discuss:

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Yay, new cast to listen to while I’m working on 2XP weekend. Well, at least I can get some CoH goodness until I can get on with the Mrs in the evenings.

And Gratz again on the Parsecs!

Yay new yay from Nod! But now I’m torn, do I listen to new cast now.. play some CoV now or go to bed and do that later since I’ve been up about 19 hours.. hmmm…

Assault rifle/ trap Defenders would be Traps / AR Def.. Rifle being the secondary since its a blaster power. So you’ll have caltrops, land minds, targeting beacon… and I can’t see this as being a strong set in def mode. If you want these powers play the blaster, at least your damage will be higher.

Oh other thoughts great cast, just squeaked this one in. =)

And on more other thoughts, Viv’s goal isn’t so bad… just think how pretty the site will look trimmed in officially earned gold stars. The 2 do look lonely atm.

Stormax, Yeahhhh, it was a close one! And enough stars and it will like look a night sky 😀

Thanks for the comments, y’all! Best. Listeners. EVAR!!!!

Great episode as always! Gratz again on the Parsecs! Looking forward to the Tee Morris episode! I can’t seem to stop putting exclamation points after everything! Help!

Thanks for releasing this when you did, I got to hear it on the plane taking me to my West Coast vacation. Hearing Chooch and Viv eased the heartbreak of missing XPXP weekend.

Thanks again for the updates!

Pat aka Fantastic Foe

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