Special Episode 9 – Tee Morris and Watchmen

We had an opportunity to sit down with Tee Morris the other night and talk about super hero movies, gaming, and a million other geeky topics.

This discussion is more about super heroes in various media than City of Heroes, but we do manage to talk about many features and aspects of the game.

Two warnings:

  1. Tthere are bad words. We drop the F Bomb a few times and discuss.. um.. anatomy.
  2. There are spoilers. We discuss all aspects of many different movie/book/comic properties and without pausing to give warnings, so be prepared to hit pause/fast forward if you hear a topic that you don’t want to get spoiled on 🙂

During our conversation we mention:

Tee Morris links:

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16 thoughts on “Special Episode 9 – Tee Morris and Watchmen”

  1. Halfway through the cast (the rest to be listened to on the afternoon commute)… of course, Tee is an awesome dude, but if I can suddenly become Uber-Geek, he is incorrect about the Watchmen-JLA connection. Alan Moore presented a script to DC based on DC’s newly acquired Charlton comics stable of heroes, those heroes were then re-imaged into the Watchmen characters.

    Rorshach is based on the Question, Nite Owl is based on Blue Beetle, Doc Manhattan on Captain Atom, and I believe the Comedian on Peacemaker.

    I’m sure those more knowledgeable will correct me should I be wrong, but I believe Silk Spectre was not a literal lift from a Charlton character, but was inspired by Phantom Lady (a different comic property), and Ozymandias was an homage to several sources.

    By the way, it was very nice to have a CoH podcast to listen to as I went on vacation (missing XPXP weekend entirely) and then getting this cast as I transitioned from the end of my vacation to the back to work commute.

    Thanks for all that,

    Best Regards

    Pat, aka Fantastic Foe (author of arc #200411, Exploding Planet ( ugh, shameless plug. Shameless shameless…) )

  2. Still listening to the podcast, it was loooong (but that’s a good thing.)

    I’m totally with Tee on the awesomeness of Two-Face, I consider Harvey Dent’s transition to Two-Face to be the crowning achievement of the Joker’s calculated chaos.

    I’m Patman! Tell your friends…

  3. Tee may not play the game, but he’s easily one of the crew. Great cast guys.

    I always thought the ending to the Watchman book to be second thought, like oh crud how do I wrap up the story? I might actually watch the movie now to see how it flows. (Since it wasn’t a kid friendly movie, I didn’t get a chance to see it.)

    Chooch you should send Tee a 14 day free trial to the game…

    1. Trust me, if I thought he’d have time to play I’d have him online 🙂 You should have seen his eyes light up at the descriptions of Mission Architect 🙂

  4. Billy Crudup was the lead guitarist in Stillwater in the movie Almost Famous; Jason Lee was the lead singer.

    More to come…….

    1. Oooooh yeah! I should have caught that. I don’t think I mentioned it on CoH (probably on ITB) but I went to High School with Jason Lee. I should post the year book pics.. Not hard to believe: he was voted class clown!

  5. Totally agree with Tee on Terminator v. Terminator 2. I never got the appeal of the sequal especially compared to the simple brilliance of the original.

  6. I was thinking about your discussions with Tee about the City of Villains experience, it seems to me that with all the overtly heroic missions available for play through the mission architect, you could have quite a heroic career in the Rogue Isles. And once you’re level 35, you can team with your super powered cousins from Paragon City in the Rikti War zone.

    (Also, many of the newspaper missions as presented in CoV are pretty non-judgemental about your ethics and character, should you want to experience some non-AE missioning.)

    Tee (and apparently Mental Maden) and I are of like mind when it comes to the original Terminator movie. I liked T2 well enough, but it didn’t surpass the original, unless I rely entirely on big ‘splosions. I might have enjoyed T2 a little better had I not known that Arnold was the good guy. It was certainly filmed in a way for us to think that Robert Patrick’s T1000 was actually a human like Reese, and that Arnold was just another killer cyborg.

    By the way, is everyone up to date on the soon-to-be-functional super-sidekicking? Go read the forums, but in the future, characters will be auto-sidekicked up or auto-exemped down to match the mission level (SKs will still be at -1) without need of a mentor/partner. Exemped characters will still earn xp, but that’s optional.

    Best regards…

    Fantastic Foe

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