Episode 33 – News and.. more news!

Today we have another halfcast, with some announcements and news, news, news. Following in a few days will be two Accolade Spotlights and your feedback!

Announcement: Congratulations to our Playing For Keeps novel contest winner: Brian Kotarski!!

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Promo: Chris Lester’s Arise High School fund

12 replies on “Episode 33 – News and.. more news!”

I really wish we could have seen Viv 2 seconds after the “2 seconds” comment! Maybe it’s time for the CoH Podcast to become the CoH Videocast? 😉

Now what’s this about linear villain content? Huh?? There are lots of contacts and you get to pick which one to take most of the time. The only real linear part is the Rikti War Zone, and that’s shared. Heck, there’s still a bunch of Grandville content I haven’t seen yet – and I’m not just talking about Viridian (who’s very difficult to unlock).

Maybe you’re talking Mercy? That’s almost linear with just two contacts to pick from at the start (not counting the special VEAT contact). But it only takes an hour or two, so no biggy there.

“HAHAHA. Mr Troy, you have to change your sig now to “2 second Troy”. <_<


Was it just me or did everything that Viv said sound subliminally naughty after this?
e.g. “My husband would be so jealous that I was buffing Castle” and “You just had to whip that out didn’t you.”
Uhm yeah, its just me. Never mind. Going to go wash my brain out with soup now.

Yay, back from vacation and a new cast. Huzzahs and Freeming Awesomesauce™ all around.

I’m glad you guys had fun at the Meet & Greet, so sorry I couldn’t attend but that crazy Magic Kingdom was calling our names. But it’s good to be home; I even got my cohpodcast shirt in, which was more good news. Go blue ringers!

I’m feeling so bad for Troy right now. Nicknames are sooooo hard to get rid of. Looking forward to the next cast.

Great podcast, guys!

I only have one question: What is the secret of ‘Tasty Green’?

Write on!

Go to the forums.

Issue 13 – mission creator, and hints on the offline rewards. Basically, where you log a character out will accrue some kind of civilian identity rewards.


“Two-Second Troy,” eh?

Let me tell you something, little missy, I am the Lance Armstrong of hot monkey love! It just never stops! Sometimes it’ll go on for four, five…even six minutes at a time! Believe me, almost every lady I’ve ever been with has begged me to stop!

And yet you have the unmitigated gall to impugn the man they call the “Ron Jeremy of Comics” (and not just because my back looks like I’m wearing an alpaca sweater)?

All I’ve got to say is there’s going to be a nasty knupple twister in SOMEBODY’S future.

Ah, well. At least I have my character for the next listener meet-up…

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