Episode 34 – Accolade Spotlights and Feedback (fixed)

This is part 2 of our recording for Episode 33 and includes two accolade spotlights and listener feedback.

This weekend we’ll be recording a newscast which will include the recently released Issue 13 details!

Note: This is the second time this episode is being posted. The first version was missing the actual voicemails… Thanks for catching my mistake Nod!!

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The Revenant Hero Project story arc is a great way to get your Paragon Protector badge. Maps full of PPs that are minions and Lts which are way easier to take down.

Herostats works with CIT, you just have to make sure you’re using your Titan key and not your page specific username and password. You may need to uncheck and then recheck the Use Webpage in your global settings to get it working.

Tasty Ear Candy, sounds like something “2 second Troy” should be selling on street corners…

I’m with Chooch, I don’t even bother funding my low level folks now. Influence is definitely a lot easier to get now. Pre-auction-house, when you got high enough level to buy your first SO’s, you could buy only two or three. Now, it’s easy to get all SO’s immediately.

This won’t work for Viv, of course, because she has highly refined tastes. While we might just put peanuts and butter on a sandwich if we ran out of peanut butter, she would probably insist on going to the store or even having something else to eat entirely.

Hey, wait a second… is it possible to figure out a person’s personality from their slotting tendancies? I bet so! I can see a new personality test in the making! Hey, if Meyers-Briggs can do it, so can I, right? Yes, I can feel the hair on my brain curling, so this must be a great idea!

Great voicemails on this one. The Nailbunny call was hy-sterical. I love people who who sound drunk even when they are totally sober. Can we be friends Nailbunny?

I don’t understand how Nod gets the #1 comment spot EVERY time. /e Jealous.

I don’t have a tip today, but a recommendation. Go do the Imperious Task Force. I FINALLY got to run it on Sunday with my Super Group on Pinnacle and it was great. Challenging and visually appealing, and I’m not just talking about the Sybils. I won’t spoil it either, but there are some really cool foes you have to face, which I hope get made into epic archetypes at some point.

I don’t know if this will be in the Issue 13 podcast or not, but I will say that I’m really excited about getting shields. I will have a Shields Primary Tanker, but what for my secondary?

-Star Sentinel

2 half casts equal one whole cast and a whole ‘nother cast, as we say in the south. It’s OK with me if you always break them up this way. The Security Now podcast does feedback every 3rd show. So don’t feel bad. It works! And I love to have you read my letters to me. It makes me feel like I am really here.

Re Star Sentinel – the ITF is indeed super fun. Just make sure you’re aware of the strategies for the final AV battle. There are a number of different ways to handle it depending on your team composition and it’s not that tough if you know them – but it can be an exercise in frustration if you don’t. I had a team bail on it at the end last weekend because the tank quit and our leader was convinced that it couldn’t be done without one.

Hey hey! Lots of props from my fave podcasters!

Great podcast as always. Thanks for reading my tip about the Chantry and I hope it convinces some people to venture there and get inside.

By the way, I’m pretty sure the electrical clouds of critters around the Storm Palace are the LaNAAAAAAAAAAAAAARuu.

I like Chooch’s observation that he viewed TO/DO/SO’s as consumables. I once used that as a point in an argument in-game. Someone was really ranting about their red enhancements and how comic-book false that was. So I mentioned that many heroes had to maintain/recharge powers, from Spider-man’s web shooters to Green Lantern’s power ring running out of juice. Okay, that really isn’t important, other than Chooch’s comment filled me with nostalgia for my misty youth, of four years ago arguing with some random dude about virtual stuff.

Sniff, sniff….

Thanks also for the appreciation on the IO featurettes!

[quote]I don’t understand how Nod gets the #1 comment spot EVERY time. /e Jealous.[/quote]

I cheat.
Actually, it’s more like Twitter + O.C.D. = slavering stalkation of the new casts…

Re: SkyeRocket ITF Stratergy- I was using my Ice/Fire Tanker with my SG. We had some veterans to the TF and so it was explained quite well what my task was, and if I do say so myself, I held the Nictus at bay quite well while the others wailed on Romulus. I want to run the TF on my Inv/EM tanker (Star Sentinel), but he was only 43 and there wasn’t anyone to SK me. But soon, I will have him with some rockin’ Greek armor!

A quick note on traveling through the Shadow Shard, sometimes an easy way of traveling from one end of the Chantry to the other, is fall off a floating rock, and reapear next to the entrance zone, Head to Zulu, and come back in through the Storm Palace, and from there go to the Chantry you will reapear on the other side of the map… (just don’t fall off again :P)

And I know this is a bit late, but i remeber a comment by one of the developers when the Shadow Shard came out, It is loosly based on the like of Dr. Strange’s “Principalties” and the such alternate dimensions from Marvel Comics.

Furthermore, Villians is not as linear as you may think, for one thing, they have something Heroes doesn’t which are unlockable contacts, such as, if you trap 10 pirate ghosts in Port Oakes, you unlock the Pirate Badge, and a contact that is only available at that level, these add some great variety into your play.
And there are many more contacts per zone than in most hero zones.
(as well, i consider not having to go through the Hollows, … a bonus :p)

I agree totally with your thoughts on SO’s, being short term, they enhanc your powers for only brief periods, but they through wear and tear, thinks like targeting devices, or Dragon scales just break down, or mutations wear off, etc. But an Invention is something you built, understand and can keep upgrading yourself, so they are always in working order.

And for people who are looking for more people to team with, or do TF’s with etc. try checking out your local servers chat channel, I know every server has at least one channel which is universally open and is a great place to find TF’s starting, and other people looking for teams.

Thanks for the accolade info. I’m looking forward to hearing the IO information when Nod gets done. I had planned to leave a voicemail but I had to go on a business trip. It did give me the chance to hear my name on the podcast while I was driving and it made me smile. I’m starved for attention. When is the next listener meet up so I can get Countryboy or Arclighter up to snuff. Excelsior!

I would have to concur with Dribbler that CoV isn’t as linear as it looks. With unlockable contacts and the varied arcs, there’s a lot more content there than meets the eye. One of the decidedly nice things I like is the fact that most of the CoV contacts have all of their missions in the same zone as they are in so you spend a lot less time wandering across zones to get to missions. Also, because of this, the arcs and missions are more tied to the overall story of the zone. And when they do send you elsewhere, it’s for a story reason and not just randomness. So all of CoV is exactly like the Faultline and Croatoa contacts/arcs. There’s none of the randomness of much of the generic CoH contacts. So you guys really should give it a serious whirl with open minds. You might enjoy it more than you think.

And thanks for the double consideration of my earlier comment on the free pdfs. I still think it’s rather counter-intuitive but I shan’t knock something if it really works. I used to work for bookstores years ago so I had some exposure to publishers’ mentality at the time and they as well as bookstores were very sensitive about whole copies of books going free. Teaser chapters and such were relatively common but the idea of giving out a whole work for free was anathema. We had strict instructions concerning remaindered materials and seeing to it they were properly disposed of.

Anyways, great cast as always and I await the next installment eagerly. So feed my craving NOW dangnammit! Don’t make me hurt your knupples!

Another Knuptacularly tasty podcast.

It is nice to hear some love given to underused zones like the shadow shard. Now if we can get some love for Terra Volta and Dark Astoria we will be all set!

Any new news on the halloween 2008 event?

Keep it up!!

Jim “Hurricane Hannah is coming to get me” Gross

“I laughed, I cried, It was better than Cats. I would listen again and again.”

BAMF…….smell of brimstone…….Skye Rocket friended Nightcrawler Style!!!!! ZING!!! ZABAMMM!!! Well T-Shirt Update! The just contacted me now and told me my shirt is out of stock….I guess cause it is to N-A-I-L-B-U-N-N-Y -tastic! So now I have to scrounge to order another one and check again when the book signing in….cause I tell ya what….Nailbunny iz make the shirt coot! Anyways great cast! I rerecorded that voicemail 15 times trying to sound the right amount of oblivious….piz-owned!!!!!!!!

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