Episode 29 – Macros and Keybinds

This episode we talk about;

  • The t-shirts are in! They’ll be posted “real soon now ™”
  • Contest: Win a copy of the debut issue of comic book Twilight Guardian by Troy Hickman! The rules are as follows:
    • Send an Email, starting immediately to
    • We will do 2 random drawings, and Troy will mail them to the winners.
    • Make sure you include the subject: “Twilight Guardian Contest”; your full name; age (over 18); and complete mailing address.
    • If we draw you name and don’t have that info, we will go to the next name we draw.
    • Also, specify how you want it signed- either with just Troy’s signature, or with your name/character name/ or inscribed to your Aunt Fannie.
  • CoH News
  • Macros and Keybinds — examples and links specific to this topic have finally been posted on our forums!
  • I ran out of editing time, so this is getting split into a two parter. Feedback will come a little later this week.

Here is the linkage mentioned in the episode:

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A podcast for my birthday! (More or less…)

yay great cast needed it sooooooooo bad hehe. any who great timing guys and as always high class. and fantastic foe happy belated birthday had i known i would have told you before you headed to woed in the chat. hugs to you all.

New member here, been listening since Hero 1 interview. First off, way to go Viv for pronouncing “Machinima” correctly, not once, but twice! Way to go! Secondly, really glad to hear Choochie choochie choo do a focus section on Binds/Macros. Everyone knows me in my supergroup on Pinnacle as the bind king. Not that I know them all, but I certainly use them. Just FYI, while you can’t make extensive attack chains, you can have 1 button perform 2 attacks, by adding “powexecauto” to the bind/macro(ie. powexecname brawl$$powexecauto sands of mu). Its very helpful to keep your attack chain moving along. Thanks again, keep up the good work, now where’s that “Donate” button….

Thanks for the birthday wishes Charlaine, it was nice chatting about bases with you via the pocaste channel.

Thanks Chooch for clearing up the channel name, and thanks for the great bind/macro cast. I’ll check out your samples and the links.

I’ll post a longer response to the cast later, gang, but I wanted to address the issue of parody as fair use. Yes, parody is allowed under the law as “fair usage,” but only for a limited use/time. Here’s an example from the comics, which is my area of knowledge: Dave Sim had a comic called Cerebus the Aardvark which was quite popular. For a while in it, he had a character named “Wolveroach” who was clearly a parody of Marvel’s Wolverine. That was valid as a parody. HOWEVER, when that parody went on for several issues, Marvel got their lawyers on it. Heck, five decades ago Mad Magazine did “Superduperman” and that was fine, but had EC Comics come out with a regular monthly Superduperman comic, there might have been trouble.

Within the context of the game, if you appear as Spidery-Man for a night, you’d probably be ok (there wouldn’t be time for you to be genericed anyway), but if you’re playing him up to level 50, that’s A LOT of time and exposure, and would hardly be limited usage.

Like I said, more shortly, but you got on a subject that, as the regular readers of the CoH boards can tell you, is near and dear to my heart (which is three sizes too small).

Super useful. After two years I finally started trying to understand binds and macros when I started playing my warshade. Intimidating stuff for me. Can’t wait for the show notes.
Oh, and sorry about the ‘knuckle’ thing Viv. My sense of humor stopped maturing several years before the rest of me.

Tooooooo MOR row!
Too MOR row!
I’ll POD ya,
too MOR row!
It’s only
a day ah waaaaaaaay

(This should not be read on the podcast, it should be sung! 😉

Well, I just heard from Zloth that my video (the “Incarnate” trailer about Recluse and Statesman) got a mention on the podcast so I had to come running over here to listen to it. And I just want to say THANK YOU GUYS for saying such nice things about it! I was very happy with how it turned out… and yes, I AM entering that machinima contest. 😀

Oh, yeah… one more thing. It’s pronounced sam-uh-rye-KOH (like Coke). Don’t worry, a lot of folks get it wrong. I’ve gotten used to it by now.



I’m gonna confess it. I actually got chills listening to it. That’s really cool Dark_Respite. I hope ya win. My entry would likely be made with pipe cleaners.

Mr. Foe, May I call you Fantastic? Mr. Foe, a belated happy birthday!

This is my first post here but I enjoy hearing Chooch and Viv read them every week so I needed to get in on the fun. It is almost as fun hearing Mr. Foe and Mr. Hickmans posts as it is hearing the cast itself. So I wanted to thank you, Mr. Foe and Mr Hickman, and of course Chooch and Viv for the entertainment. It helps pass my time at work.

As of everything else…I know it is a few weeks behind but as for you “holding out the promo fo the special people” in ep28, well, my mother held out a promo on me once…once.

(*obscureish johnny dangerously reference*)

Viv don’t let anyone tell you different, my wife and I both say Shi-van like you do too. Well, I look forward as always to the next cast and cannot wait to read the next round of banter from the esteemed messers Foe and Hickman!

Jim “Cannot think of a clever nickname like Troy Hickman” Gross

-I laughed, I cried, It was better than Cats. I would listen again and again!


As FOR everything else…

and ignore omments!) at the bottom…

This is why I shouldn’t post at work.

Hey guys! Great podcast as usual.

I’m really looking forward to seeing and buying a CoH Podcast T-shirt to show off to all my friend. Does the company you’re using allow individual customization of the shirts? I think it would be cool to have my Podcast name or even a pic of my PodCaste toon on the shirt.

Transcendence Trial? What’s that? OH, in the Hollows! You see, I usually skip the Hollows all together (I remember when the zone first appeared and it seemed horrendously overpowered. In retrospect, I think they were trying to encourage teaming at lower levels). The one time I tried running through all the missions, I leveled out of the range for the trial on the mission before I had access to it. Ugh.

Viv, the reason the patch note about the 48-month veteran pet says ‘really’ at the end is because the were supposed to have fixed it a couple of patches ago. ‘Supposed’ being the operative term.

I say ‘Moo’, not ‘Myou’. But that one could seriously go either way. *smiley*

I can’t go to HeroCon either! And it’s even in my sister-in-law’s hometown! Double Wah. They should fly you guys out there for free.

I love vague 80’s movie references.

“Greetings Professor Falken. A strange game. The only winning move is NOT to play. How about a nice game of chess?” -Joshua (a.k.a. WOPR), WarGames, 1983

Try this one: “We’re ALL unusually ‘large’ and ‘strong’ here.”

Great Macro & Keybind tips! I didn’t know you could edit a macro after creation. Now that I know that, I might use them a little more.

I currently have a macro on my primary toon that says ‘Please put your seats and tray tables in their full upright position,’ before executing Recall Friend. *chuckle*

Looking forward to Pt. 2.

-Write on!

Guys, the Forums link for the text notes on binds does not seem to work. I’d love to do some more stuff with this. Can you give the url or fix the link?

Murray W

Lion of Albion: Virtue Def:Emp/Ener

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