Episode 17 – A Walk on the Red Side

Episode is a bit late… but there was an injury involved, so please don’t debuff us 🙂

This episode is part one of a two part interview with a friend of ours dedicated to villains!

We discuss:

  • Viv’s on drugs
  • News [more complete show notes on actual news items to come]
  • Bab’s sig file link
  • New Gallery software on !
  • New Listener Forums !
  • Go buy Scott Sigler’s Infected on April 1st! Oh, and in case you don’t know if you’d like it, Scott is letting us attach a free PDF version to this episode!! That’s right, the ENTIRE Novel in no-DRM PDF form is in the feed. However, this is a “3 day only” deal, so I will be removing the PDF from the feed on April 1st. Sorry, time is up and I had to remove the file from the post and the server. You can still listen to the book for free on Scott’s site though! I just found out that the limited time was on Random House/Crown’s side — but we are allowed to mirror it indefinitely. So, I’ve put it back up 🙂
  • New feedback phone number (the old one got disconnected because nobody called in 30 days 🙁
  • Interview with Rich
    • What draws Rich to the Rogue Isles
    • CoV contacts strategy
    • Differences between COH and COV
    • Task Forces/Strike Forces
    • Level restricted zones
    • Giant Monsters
    • The villain Archetypes
    • Feelings on the announced villain epic archetypes
    • Player populations between Villains and Heroes
    • Villain player attitudes compared to Hero side
    • Thanks to Rich for helping fund the VEAT 🙂
    • Villain temp powers and accolades
    • Six Paragons
    • Weekend Hero
  • Promos: Chasing the Bard, MetaMor City

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