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Balticon43 NMP Promo 1

This is our first promo for the New Media Party at Balticon. We’ll be producing at least one more promo and will be linking them on our Balticon page over at our other site.

Head over there for details on where we’ll be during the con as well as the unfolding details of the New Media Costume Party that we’ll be hosting!

4 replies on “Balticon43 NMP Promo 1”

3 casts in one month? *gasp*! *thud*

Okay, I realize it’s not a full blown cast, but nice to hear your voices, anyhow.

Fantastic Foe, I think its a little easier to see now that Chooch and Viv are getting their schedules together.

Who knows maybe in a month or so we could have that same weekly podcast that is FULLY AWESOME!!

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