Episode 44b – The Infamous Mulletcast

Here is the spectacle of the MulletCast – that’s right: business up front, party in the back!! This is primarily a feedback episode, but we did manage to get in new information about i14 and how Mission Architect will work as well as a few other news (ahem) nuggets.

The episode ended up being so long that I’ve split it into two files, however releasing them at the same time. Hopefully you get them in the right order. Depending on your podcatcher and mp3 player, it may roll right through. For some (most?) people part A will end at around an hour and 30 minutes, then you’ll have to pick part B from the playlist and keep on rolling.

In this episode we discuss:

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Since when has listening to the Podcast EVER been a requirement for commenting upon said Podcast. Rampant speculations and inuendo is what we need here. Cooler heads prevailing, pa-sha. Not on my watch, Buster.


gonna listen soon, been waiting to here my feedback being read to me for quite a while now.

Woot! Two podcasts. I now have 3 hours of goodness to listen to while doing chores. Chooch and Viv you rock!

Yay – 3 hours of podcasty yummyness. Thank you Chooch and Viv. And thank you Wall Street for destroying the economy so I have plenty of free time at work to listen to it. Sqweeeee.

Yes, I r WoW player now and I amm no longer a NEWBIE!! WOO!!

btw the spongebob Choo-viv-ooch pants was hilarious!! Where in the world did u find that song?

Btw, I am also getting a Papion Dog in April… I find that amusing.

Hopefully more comments to come 😀

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