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Special 8 – Happy St. P and Special Announcement

We bring you a short snippet of audio to wish everyone a happy Saint Patrick’s Day, as well as deliver a special announcement.

Nothing game related mind you – this one’s all fluff!

The song used for this special episode is The Lark in the Morning by Dongas Tribe

17 replies on “Special 8 – Happy St. P and Special Announcement”

On behalf of Patrick’s everywhere, thanks for the Saint Paddy Podcast, the Saint Padcast.


Can we call this the “Study in extreme run times” podcast now? Hmm. 3+ hours vs. 5 minutes. I know where my vote is going.

Oh, and happy green clovers day or what-have-you.

1) Happy Birthday Rob Smith!!!! From someone you don’t know.
2) I adore Mrs. Rob’s accent. Can you just have her say something random on every podcast?
3) Interesting facts that I did not want to know: “Vomit changes color, urine doesn’t”. OK, thanks for that.

[quote]2) I adore Mrs. Rob’s accent. Can you just have her say something random on every podcast?[/quote]

I second this motion!

If you’re looking for something to change the color of your stream, I suggest finding a soda called BRAINWASH BLUE made by SKELETEENS. I know of only one person brave enough to drink it after reading the entire label. She told me it turned her stream to blue for a day.

Part of my comment got eaten again – that was the part that said “And I’m not talking about podcast stream here”

Happy St. Patrick’s day everyone! Be sure to bash a leperchaun err, red cap today.

Mr.Smith, Happy B-Day from people you don’t know. And congratz on having a wife who would put such a request in for you to make your day special.

It’s true, Rob Smith’s wife is now enshrined in our hearts as the wife with the great voice who loves her gaming man soooo much. Wait! That’s Viv!

Okay, Rob’s wife gets to be EURO-VIV, that’s fair

Pat aka Fantastic Foe

Wow, happy birthday me.

I was listening to this cast on the walk to work and I just had to stop in my tracks in amazement and to prevent myself from tripping over my jaw as it hit the floor. Three hours later and I’m still smiling, and I will be for the whole week. This is genuinely one of the best presents I have EVER had.

Thanks Chooch and Viv, your podcast is the best there is, and I love every minute of you guys doing your thing, you have made the Brit a very very happy man, and made my birthday week better than I could ever imagine. This is better than any unique badge or costume code ever could be. Keep up the great work!
Thanks to all the strangers that have wished me a happy birthday in the feedback, it makes me feel all special and warm inside.
And a level 50 super hero style thank goes to Mrs Rob (AKA Euro-Viv) for being so wonderful and doing such an amazing thing, she is as great as she sounds, and has made me the happiest man on the planet.

… Oh yeh, and a belated Happy St Paddys day too.

Rob Smith (AKA Swashbuckle)

Thank you soooo much for making my husbands day by wishing him happy birthday! You guys are amazing – thank you so much. Rob (husband) is buzzing, and you have just made mine and his day. Thank you sooo much. I am so grateful to you. Thank you. It makes all the long hours of work so worth it – thank you! THAnk you from the bottom of my heart.

O.O I got my nomination Validated so im goign this June to National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine, Ill be out my july and back on my toon Hyzaar.. Happy gamin’ (cant stop laughing at the Mulletcast i listened to the entire thing and finished it by 3 am. Sadly i fell asleep in school as a result)


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