Special Episode 12 – Talk with Positron

We were lucky enough to make it out to the first PAX East and while we missed the City of Heroes Panel, we were able to go to the meet & greet and get the highlights from Matt “Positron” Miller.

There isn’t a lot of detail, but here is an overview of what was presented at the CoH Panel:

  • The panel was centered around how to keep an MMO fresh and new
  • History of Paragon Studios
  • List of many things that went into the game since launch
  • Issue 17 release in April- open beta “very soon”
  • Ultra mode graphics
  • New story arcs
  • Revamp of Positron task force
    • split into two TFs (as was always intended)
    • fight at the dam
    • spruced up missions to give them a new feel
  • Going Rogue
    • New level 1-20 experience
    • The GR system itself
    • Praetoria
      • 4 Zones, showed some concept art
  • New power sets
    • Dual pistols
      • if you pre-purchase Going Rogue now, then you immediately get dual pistols
    • Demon summoning will be launched with i17
      • again if you pre-purchase you get it as soon as it hits servers
      • Demons are elemental based
        • Each Fire, Ice, and ?? will be launched in sequence, kind of like the medic coming out for mercenaries.
      • All new graphic models – they’re not just rehashed CoT stuff
  • Powersets debuted at PAX East 2010:
    • Electric Control (controllers and dominators)
    • Kinetic Melee (scrappers, tankers, brutes, stalkers)
  • The future
    • Issue 19 tentatively called “Incarnates”
      • End-game system that Matt has been working on for several months.
      • 10 Incarnate levels past 50 – first level will be in Going Rogue
      • Hopefully all will be released with i19 (perhaps not all at the same time, but as close as possible)
  • Matt was glad to finally make it to the east coast (woot!)
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