Episode 57 – Farming Interview with Brigg

We are very happy to bring you this conversation about farming in City of Heroes with none other than Brigg!! Creator of the legendary Comic Con Fire Farms

You can find Brigg streaming on Twitch

And you can find tutorials on his fire farms on his YouTube page

Brigg’s farming maps mentioned in the episode can be accessed from the Architect Entertainment kiosks on Homecoming and some other private servers). On Homecoming the arc IDs are:

  • 125: Bloody Rainbow: Comic Con Fire Farm (the OG)
  • 2551: Comic Con Fire Farm Cave Edition
  • 2915: $Comic Con Fire Farm$ (same as 125, previously game more influence before the exemplar nerf)
  • 133: Comic Con Smashing & Lethal Farm
  • 9911: Comic Con Smash & Lethal Outdoor Edition

Here are the S&L maps mentioned by u/BlueIdoru on the Reddit thread

“On Homecoming, my S/L arcs areĀ 44456, 44869, and 45166. I think 44456 has the maximum XP and INF possible, and the others are like 98% of the max or something close. Brigg’s farms are right up there too, and for the most part the popular fire farms are going to have a similar amount of rewards.”

Special thanks to our friend TraumaTrain Rich for his generous gift subs which unlocked new Twitch emote slots!! And as always, to the amazing CoH Twitch community who make the live streams so much fun!

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