Episode 50 – Ding!

It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally dinged 50! Episode 50, that is.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Winner of Knives of Artemis costume code: Flick Guy
  • Free character transfers until the end of January:
    • Starts:Tuesday, December 15, 2009 at 8:59 a.m. PST (11:59 a.m. EST)
    • Ends: Sunday, January 31, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. PST (2:59 a.m. EST)
    • These are moves, not copies. You can move a character back with the same restrictions and caveats
    • You cannot transfer characters between different accounts — same account only
    • You can do up to 6 transfers a week. This could be anything from 1 character transferred 6 times back and forth between 2 servers, or could be 6 characters to different servers in any combination
    • Cannot swap between US & European servers
    • Lose Supergroup affiliation, prestige, and items
    • Lose server friends list, but keep global list
    • Leveling pacts will be broken
    • Keep auction house items
    • You may lose your character name if it is already taken on the new server. No warning is given, but you are given a free rename token. If you already have one character on the destination server you can do a name lookup check at the login screen.
    • If you have a one or two letter/number name, you will loose it forever. The servers currently only allow three letter/number names.
    • Character transfer tutorial
  • City of Heroes® Super Booster IV: Martial Arts
    • This Super Booster channels your chi while combining the perfect balance of style and power.
    • Martial Arts themed costume set:
      • The Martial Arts themed male, female and huge costume parts include robes, shoulders, legs, gloves, footwear, mask, belt and head pieces, as well as new hair styles, chest emblems, and weapons. Male and huge characters also have the option to select the top knot hairstyle, while females will have the option for crazy braided buns!
    • Character Emotes:
      • /em bringit
      • /em pushup
    • Costume Change Emotes:
      • Smoke Bomb
      • Ninja Leap
    • Ninja Run power:
      • Dash through the city with the agility of a ninja! Use Ninja Run to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies as you increase your run speed and leaping abilities, and the best part? It doesn’t use one of your power selections!
    • This purchase enables these features for all characters on your game account from level 1. Ninja Run power is available at level 4. Costume change emotes* do require that you unlock at least one additional costume slot.

    Promo: The Empress Sword by Paulette Jaxton

17 replies on “Episode 50 – Ding!”

As always, I look forward to hearing your podcast on my morning commute (one that is long, but not as long as Chooch’s, I believe…)

Thanks for bringing me many hours of Superhero gaming fueled joy!

Ahah! I suspected from Viv’s tweet about the podcast that this situation might be a-brewing.

Thank you both for all the content you have produced for us. I won’t say you guys changed my life, but I suggest that had Chooch not had his twitter feed on the web page, I would still not know what a tweet was. Thank you!

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the podcast, reading the forums, joining the channel, meeting up occasionally, etc. I think you two did a fantastic job with the podcast, and I appreciate all the hard work you put into it, especially as life events kept happening. You deserve a break.

I’ll keep the feed in my iTunes, for future stuff (and I hope to hook up with you guys online in the future.)

keep in touch,

Pat aka Fantastic Foe

It is thematic to stop on 50.

Yours was the podcast that after hearing just one, I called in, emailed, reviewed on iTunes, and joined up on your forums. Before that, I just listened to podcasts.

It was so great to hear a married couple playing my favorite game. (I’ll mention that my wife mostly plays Bejeweled… I am holding out hopes to get her vaguely interested in trying Star Trek online, since she loves the Trek.)

I was grateful that you summarized the patch notes so I didn’t have to read them, I enjoyed hearing the feedback (I understand why you stopped reading them, but it was my favorite part almost…), I enjoyed knupples references, Two Second Troy (gratz Troy on being on round two of AE guest authorings…), the faction spotlights, Chooch’s ridiculous preconceptions about tanks ( you know I love you man…), the interviews, etc. etc.

Thanks for setting up the podcaste channel, thanks for having meetups, and thanks thanks for the video transcendence trial. Holy cow, that was sweet. Possibly tasty.

Thumbs up all around on a great podcast, one to be proud of.


Pat, aka Fantastic Foe

Congratz on the Ding Cast! This episode is so much like the game. You put your time, effort and love in obtaining that level 50. Once you get there it’s a bitter-sweet sense of pride at the accomplishment. /em confetti /em cheer

WOOT and Thank you.
(There’s more in my email, but I had to post here. =)

I would be remiss if I did not remind you that Rularuu is pronounced (or should be pronounced… ) roo LAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR oooo.

Hey guys, just got my pc up and running after the power supply went out three weeks ago, came here only to discover you are leaving .
I just wanted to say what an enjoying listen you guys have been while driving to and from my boys school (to drop them off and pick them up). I will miss those rides, but like you said, I’ve been missing them for awhile now (not trying to sound bitter, I completely understand). I hope whatever health issues you’re going through turn out well for you (I tried listening to your blender show, but with everything going on here, there was no way I was going to get two podcasts in in a row.
Thank you so much for your dedicating so much of your broadcast time for Anna. Again, my family just can’t thank you both nearly as much as we wish we could. I wanted to attach a picture of her here waving so you could see how badly she needs a haircut, but she wouldn’t cooperate. 😀
Take care of yourselves.

SinnerSaint, massive man-hug from me to you.

I can’t tell you how happy Anna’s recovery made me… of course, I’m sure it was nothing compared to your happiness.

The forum will still be here, please feel free to post Anna-details. GO CYBORG ANNA!

I already commented via Twitter (which I discovered because of this site…) but I just wanted you all to know, it was fun and informative and I don’t regret any of the time spent being a fan of your podcast!
Stalking the new casts gave me something to do! I won a signed copy of Twilight Guardian! I made some online friends that I still talk to on an almost daily basis!
All thanks to you… /salute

What? Viv is still working? But I engineered this entire recession to give her extra time to play! I even lost my own job for six months! How the hades…. Oh well, the best laid plans of sloths and men. I guess I might as well let the economy come back now.

Sorry to hear you folks are headed out but you’ve sure done a heck of a lot for the community with these podcasts. Thanks so much for all the work you’ve done!

Now, when can we expect this “pure fluff” episode?

Short and Sweet: I’ll miss the HECK out of you guys. Completley selfish on my part, wish you could keep doing it, but as a parent, student (lost my job to the economy last July), and a gamer, I KNOW how limited time can be. Thanks for the time that you did share with us…it wasn’t so much the content, it was the chemistry between the 2 of you that made this a “must listen” podcast for me. Of course the feed will stay open, throw stuff in as/if you can.

“Go Placidly Amid the Noise and Haste, and remember what Peace there may be in Silence…”


Sorry to see another quality City of Heroes podcast go, but I understand what a grind putting out a good podcast on a regular basis can be. And just as you got a Felicia Day bumper, too!

My favorite moment from the show is the Cavern of Transcendence Trial video episode. It was innovative and surprisingly interesting.

See you in Paragon City!

Well im glad to see your still posting podcasts! Viv ive been attempting to follow you via twitter… sadly all attempts thwarted by Bandit (our firewall) You guys have a facebook?

@Skye, glad to know im not the only one waiting for 100.

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