Episode 49 – Transcendental 2

There will be two posts for this one. In the first we bring our traditional podcastiness in audio form. As you will hear at the beginning of the episode, there is also the video version of the episode here.

Too long in the making, we are proud to bring you our Transcendence Trial tutorial. At the start of the episode Viv breaks down the basics of the Trans Trial and how we go about running it. Then we actually run through it “live” with a full team.

Sorry, no news or fluff. The contest winner will be announced in a special drop this week.

The video is available in a few bunch of different formats, listed below:

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We’d like to thank the team members who helped us run the trial:

Items mentioned in the episode:

7 replies on “Episode 49 – Transcendental 2”

Back in my day there wasn’t a timer popup? HAH! Back in my day there was no level limit! Don’t need a lot of tactics when you go in with level 50s. 😉

Another possible (though risky) way to deal with enemies near a glowy is to pop a bunch of purple inspires before clicking the glowy. They have to hit you to interrupt. Looks like this one is 5 seconds so you might manage.

Hmmm, there’s a Safeguard reward power that is a group teleport. You get that at level 20. The max for this trial is level 15. But auto-exemp leaves a few level’s worth of powers. If you get that group teleport at level 20, could you exemp into this mission and still keep your power?

Nice cast! Eden trial is pretty easy, no need for a guide on that one. How about doing the Sewer Trial next?

I don’t know which I enjoyed more, the video or the audio. It was great seeing parts of that cave AND the final battle. The 2 times I ran this, I was a def and low on the teleport list. So I’ve never seen the end. No its not high on my list of TFs.

But listening to the sounds of battle, during my commute.. in traffic.. Just made the trip fun.

Thanks to everyone on your team for doing that for all. Great Cast Guys!

LOL worth moments:

1. Chooch goofing off while Viv is trying to explain something and Viv’s perfect wife admonishment, “You. Please.” Followed by Chooch, “sorry…..”

2. “Fred made a doody.”

If anyone else wants to hear it, go to 37:50 that’s about the point Chooch starts dancing and goofing off, while Viv is talking to the group about strategy. The Fred made a doody, is not long after.

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