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Pardon Our Dust

It seems that our web host updated something which broke the podcast feed. Since there were a whole bunch of things that I’ve been meaning to update/fix that would have disrupted the feed as well, I’m taking the opportunity to address them all now.

One nasty side effect (which I absolutely hate as a listener) is that it may have caused the feed to puke up every episode as if they were new. I’m really, really sorry if it hits you. It’s something that happens now and then with podcast feeds 🙁

At this point, I think that I have the feed updated and working correctly. That was priority 1, so now I can start working on the other stuff. None of this other stuff should effect the feed, but it means that the site will be plain vanilla for awhile, and you might have some login errors until it stabilizes. I’m particularly worried about the integration between the blog, forum, and photo gallery. I’ll get the problems sorted out as quickly as I can!

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.


10 replies on “Pardon Our Dust”

Troy, if you can get the Britney from the “Toxic” video I’m totally with you (Sort of super-hero-ish there). Otherwise, eh, not so much.

Good luck with the upgrades Chooch, I hope they go smooth so we can hear from you guys soon.

Troy, I’ll go halv-sies with you, even if it is the new Britney…need I remind everyone of Newton’s Third Law of Conservation of Hotness? For the non-scientific folk reading this it is stated as follows: For every unit of craziness in a specific system (ie. washed up pop star) there is a equal net increase of total hotness to that system. In layperson terms, when it comes to female celebrities – the crazier they are, the hotter they are. This law might actually apply to male celebrities also, if that is your thing….I dunno, maybe Viv can clarify this.

By the way, make sure you Scotch-Guard that iPod…..

I’d have to look to photos of crazed male celebrities and say No. Look at the mugshot of Mel Gibson, for instance. Once an undeniably hawt dewd, now I just see the crazy and wonder if the doors are locked. Tom Cruise, after the religious and Katie Holmes induced crazy eye interviews? CreepyScaryLicious. In my opinion this law does not translate to men. Sadly.

eeeew which half would you want Brimstone?… top, bottom, left, right? um… nevermind, I don’t want to know.

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