Episode 64 – Issue 27, Page 5 w/Bopper

Well, that was fast!! Two updates in a month!?

We are honored to have one of the Homecoming developers – Bopper – join us to go over the patch notes for Page 5. Bopper specifically works on powers and in this Page focused on the Sentinel changes as well as stealth power stacking.

Along with the patch notes we discuss Dacy’s Witch’s House (now open) and the Xzianthia/Dawl House Halloween Costume Contest!

You can find the Witch’s House on Everlasting using the base code BOO-17189.

The costume contest will be held on Everlasting, in the Echo Plaza zone on Sunday, October 30th at 9:00pm eastern. Details/updates can be found on The Dawl House discord server, or Chooch and Viv’s discord server.

You can find Chooch and Viv on Twitch, YouTube, and Discord: (the live CoH Podcast)
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