Episode 16 – News and Feedback

A bit late, but here none the less! Some of the speculation presented is precluded by our Special Episode, but I went ahead and left everything here intact. This brings us “back on schedule” if there ever was such a thing 🙂

This episode we discuss:

  • Gary Gygax passing
  • Rikti invasions return
  • “Final” Task Force/Strike force changes
  • 48 Month Veteran Reward announced
  • A call from Ex Libris to please update account information
  • Intro to Base Raids event
  • Some very funny forum comments from Back Alley Brawler
  • Lots and lots of feedback!
  • Promo: Scott Sigler’s Infected

5 replies on “Episode 16 – News and Feedback”

Another tasty-riffic installment, folks. You know, I actually find that I learn more about what’s going on at CoH from you guys than I do the official boards. I think it’s because your soothing voices allow me to overcome my secret shame…illiteracy!

I have to admit, I know almost nothing about base raids. I’m sure there are people who love them, but I find the idea sooo far away from the comic book source material that I just can’t incorporate it into my CoH playing. I mean, I don’t recall an issue of the Fantastic Four where the Avengers suddenly showed up at the Baxter Building and stole the Human Torch’s golf clubs. Am I missing something (I mean, besides opposable thumbs)?

Anyway, thanks for the infotainment. Your sampler of spreadable cheeses and summer sausage is on the way!

Yippee!!! I just hit lvl 30! You know what that means don’t you! Yes I get the excuse to spend my hard earned Infamy on a third costume…I bought a tuxedo so i wouldn’t look so scary!……and yes my character is still horribly scarred and surrounded by zombie bits (Sorry Viv)! But really guys who needs smoldering good looks when you have flaming eyeballs…..there shall be pictures….Muhehehehe!

Nice to hear homage to the ‘Gax from you guys. I actually got misty eyed when I heard. I always harbored the dream of meeting the man who influenced my life from age 8 up. (yes I am 36 years old). But my respect for you two and for the professionalism for the show grows every time.
Keep up the great work guys…you are a beacon of comforting light in a morass of inane and senseless media gibberish.

A good show.
I’m wondering just how big your audience is going to get as word spreads of the excellent job you’re doing.

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