We have finalized our initial T-shirt designs which are now available for purchase at!

These are high quality cotton t-shirts with professional transfers that will hold up to being washed. You are able to customize these designs by changing the shirt styles, colors, and sizes. Modifying the designs will increase the cost because we chose the lowest cost option for our base shirts.

Our intention was to sell them at cost, but unfortunately Zazzle forces us to maintain a 10% markup (basically, $1.50 per shirt sold). We will put all money received from these sales back into the podcast. There is some new equipment we would like to buy to allow us to do remote interviews as well as some upgrades to existing equipment. Additionally we’re paying all hosting and domain costs out of pocket, so anything to defray the costs helps.

And now, we have an Amazon affiliate store! We’re populating the store with books, games, electronics, and other stuff that we use and love. Whenever you purchase something through our store you’ll get the exact same low prices that you always get from Amazon, only they’ll throw us a couple bucks!